(( … No. That is definitely not okay. Rape jokes are BEYOND not okay. You should never make them and you defiantly shouldn’t put them in someone’s inbox. Not only is it morally wrong but it’s disgusting.))



[Why? Why had they beat him, then left him here in this dark alley? He didn’t do anything to them! Oil leaked from his mouth, and he felt too weak to wipe it away. Why didn’t he fight back? Pain spread through his body… He felt broken. He looked broken. His armor was torn in places, exposing his electronics, his helmet was cracked, and his optics flickered. He coughed weakly, spitting out oil. Only one question ran the robot’s mind…


[Amy went to tell the police that she got a distress signal from Crash Man. They went into parties, searching for the robot. They finally found him in a dark alley. Poor robot was all mangled and broken. They carried him into the car and decided to take him to Light Labs to be repaired. They later tell Amy that he was found but badly injured and is at Light Labs to be repaired. Amy figured that … Dr. Light would need time to work on the robot. She would … come back at a later time when Crash was recovering.]

[A message appears on Amy's computer screen! Three single letters: 'SOS']

[Amy was about to shut down her computer until a message popped up! It was a single: ‘SOS’. But that isn’t what really shocked her … it was from who it was from did! Oh gosh! Did something bad happen to her robot friend! Amy run out of her house and to the nearest portal to Crash Man’s world.]


You learn to appreciate nature more when you spend most of your days alone, you know?

Mmm … I guess your right. I mean I have been pretty lonely lately around the house … maybe I should go out more often …

[Amy was … actually getting use to her new robot friend hanging around. He hasn’t really been around in a month or so. He was probably busy but … Amy hopes he is alright.]


Yeah. I always liked the night sky. It’s pretty.

[Amy looked up at the sky … then decided to lay down beside of the echidna.]

… You’re right! It is pretty!


Honestly, I am.


Hey, kiddo.

… What’cha doin’? Starin’ at stars?


Yeah, I went to Spagonia! Thought I’d drop in and say hi to Professor Pickle, then I went on a tour! Last time I was there, there wasn’t exactly time for sightseeing…

… Spangonia? Hm … I’ve heard of that place. Maybe I should go one day too … but I’m glad you had fun!

… So what have you been doin’ today?


[Someone’s sprawled out on the altar, staring up at the stars.] 

I wonder how everyone’s doin’ down there. Honestly, it’s getting kind of lonely…

[Then there was Rosebud, standing on the stairs.]

… You seem lonely.


"Did…Did something happen?"

I … I rather not talk about it.


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Alright, I guess! It’s been quiet and I’ve been away on vacation… 


It’s good to be home, though!

A vacation? Where was it? Was it somewhere nice?

Ewwww …


Are you— [Hic!]— sure this will work, kiddo?

[He rubs his arm nervously.]

Well, when we organics have the hiccups we drink somethin’ to help us get rid of them so … it might?

[Amy hands him the E-Tank.]



[He hiccups again and quickly follows her.]

[Amy walks all the way to a store that has two vending machines. One had soda and the other had E-Tanks. Amy put money in the machine with the E-Tanks and within a few seconds spits out a E-Tank.]


I don’t have one with me, nor do I have money to buy one…

I can buy you one! I think the store is around here somewhere!

[And Amy started walking.]


Im sorry I just wanted to talk to you

(( I don’t care. That was still rude. Like I said, you do it again and I will not hesitate to block you.))

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