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My name is Amy Rose! I do fortune telling and love adventuring! By the way, have you seen a blue hedgehog running around?

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                                   I want to be happy.

                                             I want to be

                                              [[ happy ]] ;

                                                 from the bottom of

                                    {my heart}......

{ღ};— "Can you give me a piggyback ride?"



『♚』 ” Can I ask why-? ” He asks with a shift of his feet.

{ღ};— “Because I want someone to play with, silly!”


Prison Break and Raids! || littlearsenalomega


"I suppose being a Miss would have something to do with it."

That came out with more sarcasm than the little robot intended. But she wasn’t able to say any more as the elevator reached its destination. The somewhat large door opening to reveal a long hall way filled to the brim with Eggpawns, all armed too. Omega didn’t want to admit it, but that was a lot even for her.


"This may be a problem."


"—!! A ‘Miss’?!—So you’re a—" Amy gasped in surprise when they reached their destination. The elevator opened and as to Omega’s disappointment was hers as well when she looked in the hallway and saw the long hallway full of Badniks. She staggered back a bit in dismay from the amount of Badniks in the hallway as she has never seen so many in one place. This would be too much, even for her new and heavily armed partner! Oh what now? There was no other way to the engines, were they? After a few minutes of pondering, the little hedgehog was on the brink of giving up.

… Then Amy got a idea. It was more than likely impossible and probably would do more harm then good, but what other choice they had. Amy cleared her throat quietly. “Hey … if you don’t have an idea in the works, I need to ask ya somethin’. Can you shoot anythin’ out of those cannons of your’s or is it just strictly ammo?”

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"Your explanation is very good!"


Rosalina smiled in curiosity at the thought of how she would live her life in different timelines. 

"I’ve come across worlds that have creatures, newly created at that, and just taking their first steps into the evolution of life.  They can’t communicate yet, and all they can do is merely swim around.  When I return to some of these planets many years later, everything has changed, and they creatures are highly sophisticated, and it’s almost like a metamorphosis.  It’s a truly amazing feat. "

{ღ};— Amy then sighs out of relief. “Ah, I’m glad! Sometimes that alternate worlds and timelines stuff is hard to explain so uh, yeah.” Amy then listens in on what the guardian is saying. While the little hedgehog isn’t necessarily the science and biology type, what the other is saying is rather fascinating to her rather child intellect. “I’d say it is! If it were possibly, I would love to see the process of evolution from beginin’ to end! The only thing I’ve come close to doin’ somethin’ like that is that when I was really little I watched flowers grow in my parents garden. It was amazin’! Plus you get see galaxies get made and planets born! I’d say your job is so satisfyin’!” Amy gleefully chirped.


     ☠▋▋”Ya can hop long dimension or somethin’?

—- That did bring back some old memories of when him and his brothers used to do. Something they didn’t meant to do intentionally. Though he thought it was one hell of a ride, kinda do miss those days.   

     ☠▋▋”Raphael. Nice t’ meet cha, I guess.


{ღ};— “Well … I guess you could say that. It actually happens pretty randomly, hah.” The hedgehog gave a dry laugh as she was utterly unable to actually explain how she gets point ‘A’ to point ‘B’. The hedgehog then inspects the turtle further as he introduced himself to her. His gear kinda reminds her of another reptilian that’s into the ninja arts. “Raphael? That’s a really cool name! Oh hey, you’re a ninja, ain’t cha?”



Oh, guess we were right about you being a younger vision of her.

It’s nice to meet you Amy.

{ღ};— “Oh? So, uh, ‘I’ exist in this universe as well?”

{ღ};— "Old Sonic, can you play with me?"



"Whatcha mean ‘old’? I ain’t old!" 

"Gee I hope little Amy doesn’t look under the bed here!" Sonic said with a laugh, deliberately giving his hiding spot away to said little hedgehog. 

{ღ};—Oh Sonic. The hedgehog rolled her eyes as she walked to the bedroom, playing along. “Oh my gosh, I wonder where that voice came from? It sounded like Sonic’s voice but it sounded sooooo far away. Gee, I hope I can find him,” Amy giggled as she dived under the bed.

"I got yooooou~!"

Prison Break and Raids! || littlearsenalomega


That was a little confusing. It even kind of hurt? Being called mister brought out some new feeling she could not describe. But Omega was positive she did not like it one bit. Once they were out of here she would have to figure out how to make herself appear more feminine to organics.


"It is nice to meet you too Amy. I am glad I was able to help. No one has ever called me Mister before."

{ღ};— “Huh?” Amy tilted her head in a curiously innocent way, not really aware that she hurt the robot’s feelings. Not that she meant to in any way but it was hard to tell what genders robots was sometimes if they weren’t from the other universe that she usually visits. The little hedgehog assumed Omega was male due to her default voice.

"How come, Omega?"


Well Jesus christ

                      I’m   a l o n e  again

I've heard of that song somewhere but I don't know where. Who sung it?
━ Anonymous


((Ah, I’m assuming you wanted this to be answered OOC. Its called ‘Call me, call me’ by Yoko Kanno or The Seatbelts. It’s from an anime called Cowboy Bebop, which has more wonderful songs like that in it. The anime is also wonderful and I recommend watching it! ))


♪—(I) close my eyes and (I) keep seeing things

Rainbow waterfalls,

              sunny liquid dream

CoNfUsIoN creeps inside (me) ;raining; doubt

Gotta get to (you)


(I) don’t know how …

                                                 Call me, call me

Let (me) know it’s alright

                                                 Call me, call me

Don’t (you) think it’s about time?

Please won’t (you) call  a n d

                                                EASE MY MIND?

Reasons for me to find (you)

                                               -p e a c e  o f  m i n d-

What can (I) do …

                                                … to get (me) to (you)? ♬

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