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My name is Amy Rose! I do fortune telling and love adventuring! By the way, have you seen a blue hedgehog running around?

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{ღ};— “Geez, I think I’m just gonna stick to not doin’ anythin’, like literally anythin’, for the rest of the day.”


» See how wrong the humans were about using machines as slaves.


» Massive amount of regret is to be expected.

{ღ};— … Oh geez, what has she done now? The hedgehog become frantic as she stepped back making hand gestures from fear.

"A-Ah! That grey face person w-was just exaggeratin’! They do that a lot j-just to get under people’s skin! No robots are b-bein’ used as slaves, I-I swear!"

Rolling around at the speed of NOPE
━ Anonymous

{ღ};— “~Got placings to go, gotta lose my stalker~”


» Maintain such mindset and we will see about that, human.

" … S-See what?"

That statement doesn’t exactly install assurance.

hey how does it feel that pretty much most of your 'friends' are machines only to be made to be slaves to humans?
━ Anonymous

{ღ};— Well, that question did strike a nerve, anon. Because honestly? She has come to despise the ‘Three Laws of Robotics’. Amy understands helping organics with dangerous jobs and protecting them. She is perfectly fine with it. However … it seems that people like to abuse that and just ‘use’ the robots for even the simplest tasks. Amy has even seen some humans form that world treat them like garbage. It … seemed kinda wrong to her. But … it was not her world so it’s really none of business, plus some of her friends might jump on her if she opens her mouth.

The hedgehog turns her head, as if she’s acting like she didn’t even hear the anon. But you can tell it from her face, Amy is very discouraged in her silence.

" …. "

didn't have other family members to go to when there wasn't anywhere else to go? even a orphanage would have been better then leaving a as street rat.
━ Anonymous

{ღ};— “Dude, do you think I would have been livin’ like a ‘streetrat’ if I had a choice? I don’t know where any of my other family members live and at the time all the orphanages at the time were all packed, so not many of us got the luxury of bein’ adopted or somethin’ like that.”


metal sonic said he wants to marry you now
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{ღ};— image


you're fat
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{ღ};— image


"… Are you okay? You’re trembling."

He reaches up, patting Amy’s head.

{ღ};— “I … felt a little lonely tonight and … you’re the only one around … … … I really don’t wanna be alone tonight.”

She clings to the robot tighter.


"… Oh."

He just lets her climb.

{ღ};— Then she gets on his shoulder and nuzzles her cheek against his, purring soft. … She’s also slightly trembling.

{ღ};— Wiggles around.


"Are you having fun there?"

{ღ};— “Murr …”

Amy then decides to climb the other like a jungle gym.

{ღ};— ” … You’re only as useless, as you let yourself believe you are, kiddo.”



{ღ};— Suddenly a goat came out of no where and was nibbling on her. Amy yelped and tried to pull the goat off of her, gently though.

"Ah—! N-No, I am not a tasty treat or somethin’—!"


"How about myself?"


{ღ};— “Sure, why not? But just a warnin’—”

Amy pulls out her melee weapon of choice by both hands, lifting it up skyward—the infamous piko piko hammer.

"—This may look like a toy but assure you, it doesn’t feel like one when it hits you~!"




Whoops, he’d trodden on a sensitive topic, hadn’t he? The DWN looks troubled, and averts his eyes in embarrassment. 

"My apologies, Miss. I… Didn’t know."

Well, of course you didn’t, Metal. You’d only just met the kid. Don’t feel bad— Just don’t bring it up again.

{ღ};— Amy then shakes her head and then manages to make eye contact with him again.

"You don’t have to apologize, sir. Seein’ as this is our first time meetin’ each other, you couldn’t have possibly known that … unless you’re some kind of psyhic."

Amy actually smiles slightly, letting out a dry laugh.

"Heh, no harm done."