you should be in bed young lady! shame on you! >:C

You ain’t the boss of me! I’m my own boss! And I say I’m gonna stay up alllllll night and bounce on the bed~!


… It’s past midnight? Huh.

[A wild Classic Amy appeared!]

… For once I agree with the grey face as well, Sparkles.

[The Rosebud then went into hiding. Fried hedgehog doesn’t sound good to her.]

{ ❤ } — “Sounds like fun, Rosebud!~” Ohhhh, geez… Anon you’ve done it. Say your prayers.

How about you have the first swing? 

[Oh dear Gaia, have mercy on your souls, anons. You’re going to need it!]

"Maybe you could explain what's wrong to me, then?"

… Nah, I rather not.

Also, cool glove and sword you got there, big blue.


# ask
# anonymous
jesus you're so dumb no wonder sonic doesn't come around anymore

… … … … …

[Amy now gets out her hammer, tapping the handle in her palm. You done it now, anon.]

Hey Blossom~! How about we do some good, anon huntin’? Team Rumble Rose style~?


are you on your period?

… … … … … What kind of gray faced nonsense are you talkin’ about now?


whoa why are you acting like such a crabass all of a sudden? :c

… I really don’t have to explain anythin’ to ya dumb anons.


{ ❤ } — “…Where did all THIS come from?”

It came from nowhere, Blossom. I’ve been thinkin’ this way for a while. I cause nothin’ but problems. Every time I try to fix a problem, I end up arguin’ with people. I can’t control my temper and if someone makes me mad I threaten to smash them. Dr. Light doesn’t need someone like me runnin’ around and possibly gettin’ on his nerves. I probably do that with everyone around here. I know you are me, so it doesn’t go without sayin’ that you are better than me.

well your old self was there first. you were basically hogging her family to yourself

… Well then, she doesn’t have to worry about me stealin’ them away from her anymore because I don’t think I’m coming back. I cause I bunch of problems anyways. It would be better that way anyways.

… Hmpft.

[Amy then walks away. Not need for her to be here when her older self is here. The young hedgehog then walks back to the portal back to her own world.]

apparently wily is still up to his old tricks but dr. light is still believing he can chance

… Wily, huh?


[Amy has heard about him from the people of MegaCity and more so from the orange bomber. And from what she has heard, it was nothing good or honorable. The hedgehog has a major distaste for mad scientists due to what her own has done to her, but the fact that someone like Dr. Light actually thinks someone like him can change … no, she wasn’t going to watch this go downhill or be a part of it. The young hedgehog shakes her said and deeply sighs.]

Well … the best of luck to him. I just hope he doesn’t have to learn a grave lesson from it.

… What is this about evil scientists doin’ stuff?

[Amy starts growling about the subject, seeing that she deals with the same sort of person as well. Calm down Amy, no need to have a murderous expression on your face.]